Vancouver Community and Support Group for Widows

Our Mission for Widows

We serve to empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society.

Modern Widows Club is designed to create a safe and private environment for widows to lean into life together through the journey.

We are the club no one wants to be in because you only get in by virtue of experiencing a great loss. Yet what I hope you find once you’re here is that you’re surrounded by a community of really amazing women that you can lean on and learn from. We’re widows helping widows to live- to go upward and onward. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh. We talk about how to tackle challenges without our partners’ help and cheer each other on. We often share food as we do this, because who doesn’t like to eat?

When a woman loses her loved one she tends to feel very alone. Regardless of her age or circumstances, she will benefit from other women in her life who understand the unique challenges she is now faced with. She needs women who will build her up and encourage her in this new life she walks. We are stronger together. No woman is an island. We need each other.

Meet Our Community Advocate

Jaysiah F.

“Goal-setter, Ceiling-breaker, Obstacle-destroyer, Problem-solver, Christ-follower, Life-lover!”…sometimes. It’s what my FB profile says, and it’s the version of myself I want to live out daily, and yet, the grief of losing John after 28 years of intimate marriage can sometimes overwhelm me. In those moments, the value of sitting with – talking with – crying with – laughing with someone who understands the gigantic void left in my life and heart when he passed away is so meaningful. The ladies I’ve met through MWC have encouraged me as I recognize that I’m not alone in this life-changing experience.

For four & 1/2 years, my life was consumed with cancer; I’ve experienced nothing more gut-wrenching than watching my man waste away from his cruel disease. And then, on Father’s Day 2019, he was gone. I was thrown into sole-parenting my 4 teenage boys, running our Real Estate business without him & learning to accept that it was not a temporary situation.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of incorporating Honor Bound (a program for seniors & widows) into my business. I’m ready to continue giving back to the club none of us ever wanted to join.

Looking forward to connecting with you and walking alongside you on this journey. Blessings.