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WELCOME TO MODERN WIDOWS CLUB. We’re here to help you transform your grief after loss into a positive, purposeful future while embracing your own strength and courage. Join us to build new friendships and community as you walk this path with your Wisters (widow + sisters).

As widows helping widows, we offer in-person and virtual support groups, clubs and activities, travel opportunities, educational courses, mentoring programs, conferences, videos, podcasts, opportunities for advocacy and philanthropy, and more.

We support widows of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, faiths, partner statuses, gender identities, and loss circumstances. You are not alone.


Modern Widows Club, founded in 2011, is a women’s health organization serving widows seeking to understand their experience and focus on growth. Our research into widows’ physical and mental health informs our programs and encourages awareness for women who historically have been unseen, unsupported, and unmeasured.

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our Impact

Widows receive services and support through our national, international, and virtual groups long after most become ineligible for traditional grief support. We advocate for, and work to advance, global support for widows—a movement of worldwide social significance that is often overlooked.

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Our Support Groups

We need each other and we’re stronger together. Widowhood is the club no one wants to belong to because we only join by experiencing great loss. Yet within that loss we can find friendship, support, and a safe and encouraging community with others who understand our journey.

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Our WIDOW EMPOWERMENT QUIZ is for widows who want to know what’s next, and how to get there. No matter how long it’s been since you became widowed, this tool can help you determine where you are on the hope, heal, grow, and lead pathway in widowhood. As a snapshot of the phase you’re currently in, our quiz can help you identify ways to care for yourself as you move forward, along with ways others can support you.

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Our in-person and online groups and resources are designed to help you transform loss into forward momentum, ultimately focusing on your health, not your grief.

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Our INSIDE LOOK NEWSLETTER highlights our programs, events, and activities, and features articles on topics such as self-care, mental and physical health, personal growth, and purpose.

EVENTS are scheduled regularly and can include widow-led
conferences, workshops, special activities, social and educational gatherings, webinars, and mentoring programs.

WIDOW EMPOWERMENT SCHOOL OF THOUGHT self-paced e-courses were written by widows, for widows, and are designed to help educate, encourage, and inspire.

Our CLUBS provide a safe place to gather and talk, create friendships, try new things or go new places, enjoy shared experiences, and encourage and support one another.

Modern Widows Club is an innovator in widowhood research, advocacy, and education. Leveraging more than a decade’s worth of proprietary data, we promote recognition, opportunity, and advancement for widows worldwide.

The face of widowhood is far younger than you might think. Among respondents to our Widow Empowerment Quiz, ONE THIRD were between the ages of 50–59 when they entered widowhood. 38% of respondents were 49 or younger, and the youngest was 20 years old. Regardless of the age they’re widowed, many widows face challenges even years after the loss of their partner, including mental and physical health issues, financial and legal difficulties, and loss of insurance.

(Source: MWC Widow Empowerment Quiz, 1501 respondents)

As widows ourselves, we know the unique challenges you’re facing and the need for support from others who understand what you’re going through. Our regional and virtual groups, online resources, and events are all created with this shared experience in mind. Our Widow Supporter program offers guidance for those looking to better understand what a widowed family member or friend may be experiencing.

No matter how long you’ve been widowed—whether 3 days or 30 years—you are part of a club none of us wanted to join. And though we’re all part of the same club, we’ve all had different experiences and may be looking for different ways to be supported. Modern Widows Club offers numerous groups, activities, clubs, educational opportunities, and events so you can choose the ones that are a good fit for you.

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Supporting widows is an important job, and we offer resources and guidance for those looking to help a widow. You may be a family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker. As a widow supporter, knowledge about widowhood topics and circumstances is invaluable. The widow in your life will be grateful for your commitment to learning more about what she’s going through.

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If you’re wondering if you’re ready to join Modern Widows Club, we understand.

Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step, to attend an online virtual group where you don’t know anyone or walk into a room full of strangers. Not only that, but the pandemic has changed the experience of widowhood, creating additional isolation and disconnect from community at a time that you may already feel very alone.

The most important thing for you to know is that we don’t have any expectations of you. Thousands of widows have joined the wisterhood at Modern Widows Club with the goal of developing the tools they need to strengthen themselves. In fact, many have remarried, yet Modern Widows Club remains an integral part of their lives. At Modern Widows Club you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other widows in a safe space, and if you’re not ready to do anything other than listen, that’s all you need to do. There is never any pressure to participate.

We hope to see you soon.

Contact our Support Team or call 844 4 A WIDOW (844-429-4369). Our goal is to respond to inquiries within 72 hours.

Please note that we are not grief support. If you’re experiencing a mental health emergency, please dial 988 (the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline) or go to your local emergency room.