Coeur d’Alene Community and Support Group for Widows

Our Mission for Widows

We serve to empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society.

Modern Widows Club is designed to create a safe and private environment for widows to lean into life together through the journey.

We are the club no one wants to be in because you only get in by virtue of experiencing a great loss. Yet what I hope you find once you’re here is that you’re surrounded by a community of really amazing women that you can lean on and learn from. We’re widows helping widows to live- to go upward and onward. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh. We talk about how to tackle challenges without our partners’ help and cheer each other on. We often share food as we do this, because who doesn’t like to eat?

When a woman loses her loved one she tends to feel very alone. Regardless of her age or circumstances, she will benefit from other women in her life who understand the unique challenges she is now faced with. She needs women who will build her up and encourage her in this new life she walks. We are stronger together. No woman is an island. We need each other.

Meet Our Community Advocates

Jennifer F.

Mid day at work I received a visit that would alter my life forever. I had just become a widow at the young and fragile age of 26. I felt like I was lost at sea treading water, with no one around for miles. My only saving grace being the two children I was left to parent alone… knowing I needed to hold their heads above water as well. I sought out books, other widows… anything I could. Flash forward, and here I am on the other side of that darkness. I still have grief, I don’t believe that fully goes away. Instead it is a piece of who we are. But I have found that thing I was always looking for, a place where I belong. That place is Modern Widows Club, a supportive thriving group of woman. I would LOVE for you to be a part of that place with me.

Dawn K.

My husband, love and best friend of 37 years passed away suddenly on June 1st, 2012 of an undiagnosed heart birth defect. I found myself in charge of 2 businesses that he helped to establish not knowing how I could continue this endeavor without him. Due to my amazing children that came to help me in my time of need, one son took over one of the businesses and my other children came aside to help me succeed in the other. After some healing time had passed I found myself drawn to other widows that I came in contact with and had the desire to help bring them hope again. When I found the Modern Widows Club I was so excited that there was an avenue where I could fulfill my hearts desire and be a blessing to those that are hurting in any way that I can.