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Travel Club for Widows

Traveling in widowhood is a big step into a future of new experiences and adventure for widows. At Modern Widows Club, we know that there is value in learning from others who have done this before you, sharing their widow-wisdom to ease your concerns. That’s why we are establishing the new MWC Travel Club.

From trips to reach out to other widows around the globe, to trips for pleasure — let’s travel this road together and share new experiences! Join other widows with the same desire to travel, whether simply to broaden horizons or perhaps to build a mud hut in Kenya. This club is for the brave-hearted looking to find adventure!

How Will This Work?


First, you’ll enroll to be in our MWC Travel Club with your email.


Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an email response to confirm your enrollment.


Once you confirm, you’ll receive an email with an itinerary of trips planned for the year ahead.


Register for the trip(s) of your choice!


Further information will be provided upon enrollment. You’ll become excited about details and logistics in virtual meetings with your Traveling Wisters. Support will be provided through email.

All MWC Travel Clubs are facilitated by top-tier trained widow-advocates from Modern Widows Club, consisting of compassionate, experienced, non-judgemental, encouraging and understanding individuals who are widowed and dating (or remarried) themselves. They are here for you every step of the way.

Traveling in widowhood is one way to add adventure to your life. You may think you will never have adventure again, but traveling with the MWC Travel Club is a way to comfortably get out there in the world and explore someplace new. Joining your wisters, you will learn from one another and grow together.

P.S. Please know that you are not alone and that many have walked this journey before! That combined wisdom is what makes the MWC Travel Club truly extraordinary. Connect and find your fellow traveling wisters!

Thank you so much for checking in and for all your help!

Because of your amazing hard work finding resources for my kids and me, we had a nice Christmas. Thank you so much! There was a church that delivered gift cards and another that came through with food and gifts. It was so heartwarming!

I am also working with a nonprofit that I reached through your resources, Safe Families For Children. The organization found a volunteer mechanic to repair my car and assisted me with a security deposit for an apartment as soon as possible. I am so grateful!

Thank you! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Things are all still in the process for me, but I have so much more hope than I did before
— MWC Wister® (Widow + Sister
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