Emotional & Mental Health for Widows

Open Your Heart and Love Always

Carolyn Moor

It’s February and a month in which many of us can feel a surge of emotions approaching the Valentine’s Day holiday. It’s a day in my history that holds quite a lot of memories and maybe that’s the same for you.

For me, it was the day I lost my late husband, Chad, in 2000. My daughters were 2 and 4 back then, now in college. That is when MWC really started, the day I became a widow.

I think losses around and on holidays create some intense and complicated grief issues, but I also believe they give us a great opportunity to harness that energy and create something anew with it.

For instance, for years I didn’t know what to do on that day. I mostly stuck my neck in the sand, didn’t open my door and refused to do anything aside from staying home. Then as more years went by, I decided to embrace the love surrounding that day by doing something loving for my daughters and family. Then, a few more years after that, I started to light sky lanterns and write messages to send in the air or light a series of candles and reflect on all the love that is in my life. Then, lots of people joined me to light candles for their families and so on. Now, I’m usually the keynote speaker at events sharing the mission and love of MWC.

“The love is still here, it’s simply in a different form. Your capacity for love is always within your power”.

– Carolyn Moor

The main reason MWC started was for one simple reason…..because I wanted to find more ways to simply “Love Always in All Ways”.

When I found new ways, I always felt my heart opening to other things, people and passions like I never knew existed in the world. It felt good…really good!!! In fact, I would forget about my woes and pains in those moments. Without even realizing it, I was living and loving, looking forward to the day. It was a great healer for my wounded self.

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Knowing there are women who have not only survived what I was going through, but were also thriving and moving forward in their lives.
— MSC Wister® (Widow + Sister)