Creating Impact for Widows

Every day, we focus on accelerating our pioneering work in widowhood research, solutions, and support. We continue to create inclusive spaces in which widows feel understood and valued. We build new frameworks for awareness and knowledge about widowhood. We continue to implement innovative ideas for widows, with measurable results, as we lead the way in changing the conversation around widowhood, telling the true story about who widows are — courageous, vital, strong, and resilient.

Our 2021–22 Community Report

OUR 2021–22 COMMUNITY REPORT shares about the social good that, thanks to our supporters, Modern Widows Club was able to create during the year. Your generosity meant that widows could grow and thrive in tremendous ways that didn’t exist a decade ago.

Download our 2021–22 Community Report (PDF)

Celebrating Widow Courage Presentation

Our 10-Year Impact Report (2011–2020)

OUR TEN-YEAR IMPACT REPORT charts a future course for Modern Widows Club, outlining our history, our successes, and presenting a vision for national and international growth. Read on to learn more about issues facing widows and how we can work together on solutions.

Download our 2011–2022 Impact Report (PDF)

Revolutionizing Widowhood Presentation