It began with one woman with a revolutionary idea: Without widow advocates, widows wouldn’t be served. Modern Widows Club is the embodiment of this vision — it is where widows go. We are grateful you have found us!

Carolyn Moor, humanitarian and mom, is the Founder and Development Director of Modern Widows Club. Widowed on Valentine’s Day 2000 and with two young daughters to raise alone, Carolyn struggled to find the mentors she needed to model the healing and growth she desperately sought. This ultimately led to the founding of Modern Widows Club in Carolyn’s very own living room in 2011.

I started with zero funds, and only a willingness to help lessen someone’s suffering.
— Carolyn Moor, MWC Founder

Carolyn is an award-winning interior designer, interfaith minister, TEDx speaker and consultant. She has participated in the UN Commission on the Status of Women, the Global Leadership Summit from the Willow Creek Association, and she has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Oprah Winfrey Show and numerous other media broadcasts. Her work on behalf of widows is recognized nationally and internationally.

Carolyn is the host of the Healthy Widow Healthy Woman Podcast. She is honored to represent widows around the world.

Carolyn has limited engagement opportunities annually. If you’re interested in featuring Carolyn as a guest speaker additional information can be found here (hyperlink)

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IMAGE SOURCE: Jenn Fortune Photography