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June 23, 2021

Imagine what would happen if #OneMillionWidows used their voices to share stories, raise awareness, educate society and make a positive shift in how widows are perceived?

There is power in numbers, so we invite you to join our #OneMillionWidows campaign to highlight International Widows Day on June 23. It’s easy to participate!

September 17–19, 2021

Widow Empowerment Event

Houston, TX

NO MATTER WHAT STAGE OF WIDOWHOOD YOU ARE IN, you are just one moment and one decision away from creating a thriving life that you love. Sign up to attend.

A Message
from Carolyn

The Widow Empowerment Event is a life-changing event for widows. Held annually since 2018, WEE has helped hundreds of widows achieve transformational growth.

Over the course of three days, attendees (virtual or in-person) will experience community, receive education, learn leadership, and share inspiration. Through presentations/webinars and Q & A sessions, widow-leaders from across the U.S. will share the lessons they have learned, and provide hands-on advice to help you create a new and exciting future. WEE is a joyful, empowering, and eye-opening experience just for widows.

Popular previous WEE session topics have included:
– Conquering Financial Fear
– Understanding Brain Fog and Hormone Changes
– Facing Fears and Improving Social Connectedness
– Better Nutrition for Healing
– Meditation — A Guided Activity
– Black Widows Lives Matter
– First Responders’ Widow Wisdom
– Healing with Humor — Comedic Performance
– Building Resilience with Your Nervous System
– Widow Advocacy Worldwide: Becoming a Leader
– Travel Tips
– Dating Tips
– Living a Life that Overflows
…and more!

With live, virtual and hybrid options events throughout the year, we’ve designed experiences to motivate and inspire widows while keeping in mind all budgets and schedules.

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Many smart, educated, resourceful widows lose their center and get confused, not knowing where to begin. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve ever felt this. It happens to millions of widows around the world. We get it. It’s not easy. But you can do this. Join us at the Widow Empowerment Event 2021 and get help to move forward from that place of uncertainty, pain and mystery and into a place of knowing. You’ll walk away knowing where you’re getting it right, what works for other widows, and how to take the next best steps for you.
— Carolyn Moor, MWC Founder