Widow Empowerment School of Thought Interactive Online Programs

Courses Designed for Every Widowhood Phase

Modern Widows Club is excited to offer you a powerful resource: Our Widow Empowerment School of Thought (WESOT) interactive online courses. 

Our programs are for widows of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences looking to find purpose and meaning after loss. We believe when widows are supported, nurtured, respected, and loved, they are naturally empowered to thrive.

Our courses are designed by widows, for widows. Because we know widows are busy women, all courses are self-paced. Take your time or speed through each program, your choice.

Our programs are designed with four phases of widowhood in mind:

HOPE – This interactive course leads you towards a feeling of more hope in your widowed journey. Initially in the hope stage there is not much of a feeling of hope. It feels mostly like survival. The purpose of the hope stage is to move from survival, to bereavement, to believement. Believement is that moment when you’ve become aware of and have accepted a feeling of hope.

HEAL – This interactive course leads you towards understanding the many avenues for discovering healing in your widowed journey. This phase can be described as a participation phase. This is where you’ve already decided there is more for your life and you are ready to move forward.

GROW – This interactive course leads you towards acknowledging the areas of your life where you’ve grown in your widowed journey while focusing on areas of further growth. This is a purposeful phase. Here, you’ve moved out of survival, developed hope, chosen to actively heal, and are moving towards growing and nourishing who you are now, loss included.

LEAD – This interactive course leads you towards leading your own life with more confidence. You feel balance and fairness. You are mentoring other widows in your widowed journey while walking beside them. Your mindset is of advocacy and giving back. You are not here by accident. You worked hard and with intention.

If you’re looking to find a pathway forward with purpose and meaning in widowhood, we invite you to register for our Widow Empowerment School of Thought courses. 

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