Widow[er]s Community and Support Group

To help support widowers who come to us, Modern Widows Club has collaborated with Growth through Grief, a resource and community site to help men turn their loss and sadness into growth and purpose.

Men, you are not alone. There are 3.6 million widowers in the United States (2019 US Census), each uniquely dealing with their own loss, sadness, and grief, and at different stages in their journey.

But all men who have lost their spouse have a lot in common, and by sharing your story you can help yourself while also providing others with comfort, healing, and guidance.

To facilitate your journey, Growth through Grief offers articles, tools, events, personal stories, and interviews designed to help men learn from other widowers, mental health professionals, faith leaders, and growth experts. All are designed to improve mind, body, and spirit and achieve growth through grief.

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About Growth to Grief Founder Tom Pisello

Growth through Grief was founded by Tom Pisello, a widower and the father of two daughters. Tom lost his wife Judy in 2017 after her 10-year battle with cancer. Through his own challenges and journey, Tom achieved complete sobriety, lost 60 pounds, gained a growth mindset and rekindled lost faith, now sharing these hard-earned lessons and the learnings of other widowers and experts.