St. Louis Community and Support Group for Widows

Our Mission for Widows

We serve to empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society.

Modern Widows Club is designed to create a safe and private environment for widows to lean into life together through the journey.

We are the club no one wants to be in because you only get in by virtue of experiencing a great loss. Yet what I hope you find once you’re here is that you’re surrounded by a community of really amazing women that you can lean on and learn from. We’re widows helping widows to live- to go upward and onward. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh. We talk about how to tackle challenges without our partners’ help and cheer each other on. We often share food as we do this, because who doesn’t like to eat?

When a woman loses her loved one she tends to feel very alone. Regardless of her age or circumstances, she will benefit from other women in her life who understand the unique challenges she is now faced with. She needs women who will build her up and encourage her in this new life she walks. We are stronger together. No woman is an island. We need each other.

Meet Our Community Advocates

Cyndi W.

Cyndi married her best friend and was married to him for 16 amazing years. She was traveling with a friend for a weekend girl’s getaway when she received a call the morning of March 16, 2013 from home, with the shocking and life changing message “Dad won’t wake up.” He was seemingly healthy, only 40 years old, and she was instantly and unexpectedly a 38-year old widow due to his undiagnosed heart disease. Life has never been the same since that day, as she realized she instantly would be a new person, with a new future, a new financial reality and assume the role of solo parent as well. While often her pre-widow relationships waited for her to be “back to her old self” she found acceptance, connection and understanding when she would meet other widows…almost an instant “wister” (widow sister) connection. She was determined to find a way to connect widows in her community in a way where friendship, support, empowerment and new hope for the future could be fostered. She found MWC in 2015 and began seeking the opportunity to bring a community to St. Louis. She works in hospice in the St Charles County area, and enjoys time with her 3 kids and her dogs.

The community will be focused on growing friendships and connections between widows of all ages through regular meetings, community education, service and outreach. Social events are planned from time to time.

Suzyn H.

Chad and I were married for almost 20 years and he passed away on his 46th birthday. I hope to help others in their new journey as they figure out their new normal.

Lisa Renee W.

Lisa Renee is the surviving wife of Ross; she lost her beloved husband 6 years ago to suicide. Her personal and professional mission is to help others with the grief process and encourage individuals to choose joy and continue living life. She is also an advocate for suicide awareness and fighting the stigma of mental health.

She has two adult sons. The best part of being a parent is that she was promoted to Grammy and has three little best friends: Kylie May, Hunter, and Isaac. She enjoys traveling, camping, live theater, meditation, and adventure, such as SCUBA diving, riding side-by-sides, motorcycles and enjoying cultural experiences when traveling. She chooses joy and finds ways to honor Ross’s memory in her daily life.