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Virtual Parenting Club for Widows

Parenting in widowhood is one of the most important parts of your life, and we know it matters to know others making all the massive decisions solo along with you.

You’re parenting partner is no longer with you, and that is one harrowing thought. That’s why we have created the Parenting Club.

In the parenting club, you will have raw, honest, serious, light-hearted and sometimes entertaining enough to make you laugh or cry…depending what is going on. We understand.

Parenting Club will be divided into two categories: choose which works best for you.

Littles & Middles – Age 1-9
PreTeens & Teens – Age 10-18

How Will This Work?


First, you’ll sign up to be in our MWC Parenting Club and select the Tweens or Teens category.


You’ll receive an email response to confirm your sign up.


Once you confirm sign up, you’ll receive an email with a ZOOM registration with all future times and dates. Select which one you’d like to attend and register. Super easy.

Don’t worry about missing the meeting. If you are registered, we’ll send you a reminder the day before the ZOOM! We know our widowed parents are the busiest parents on earth!!! So rest assured, we got your back! If you need any help, email us.

Conversations around parenting in widowhood are so important to learn from one another and grow together into the most extraordinary, capable, confident parent in this life stage. You are not alone, and many have walked this journey before. Their and your wisdom is what makes this club truly extraordinary outreach. Connect and find your fellow parenting wisters!

All clubs are facilitated by top-tier trained widow advocates in Modern Widows Club, very compassionate, experienced, non-judgemental, encouraging and understanding individuals who are widowed and parents themselves. They are here for you every step of the way.

It was encouraging to see another young widow successfully navigate widowhood.
— MWC Wister® (Widow + Sister)
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