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Virtual Art Club for Widows

Modern Widows Club is collaborating with many resources to bring healing and creativity into your life.

These monthly virtual gatherings will explore the many ways to express emotions through art. Methods that encourage safe associations with color, creative materials around your home or introduce new mediums will be explored.

Every class is presented LIVE on ZOOM from wherever you are located, so no travel is needed. The art workshops and experts come to you right where you are in your home space.

How Will This Work?


You’ll receive an email response to confirm your sign up.


Once you confirm, you’ll receive an email with the upcoming monthly session and any supplies you may need.

Throughout the year, we’ll invite you to special art events or any discounts at collaborations we find that will benefit you throughout the month.

This MWC Art Club video gives you an idea of fun, casual and how powerful art can express your feelings from an attender who had NO prior art experience. Meaning, anyone can do this workshop. Try it. Fun and creativity is one of our healthy widowhood pillars; you’ll understand why after this workshop!

Art Club Facilitator

Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe

Dr. Linda specializes in grief, body image challenges, anxiety, and depression. She utilizes expressive arts modalities to assist in healing and visioning during life transitions. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of California. She has worked in the field of mental health and eating disorder recovery since 1999. Dr. Linda specializes in working with women who are wanting recovery or learning to travel with grief. In addition to working with thoughts and feelings, she uses healing modalities such as expressive arts and SoulCollage®. She enjoys supporting women who experience grief, depression, anxiety, body image difficulties, or disordered eating to find new meaning in their lives.

MWC is a supportive community with monthly meetings, the dinner club, the coffee club, the plays, performances, movies and musical events that were attended together as groups (large and small).
— MWC Wister® (Widow + Sister

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