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Virtual Art Club for Widows

Modern Widows Club is collaborating with Art & Creativity for Healing to introduce an expressive, abstract art experience called the Art4Healing® Method.

These workshops allow participants to get in touch with inner feelings that many times words cannot express. This method helps participants express themselves in a safe way by associating colors with feelings.

Every class is presented LIVE on ZOOM from wherever you are located, so no travel is needed. The art workshop happens right in your home space. Art4Healing creates special MWC workshops exclusively for the Modern Widows Club. Isn’t that exciting?!

How Will This Work?


You’ll receive an email response to confirm your sign up.


Once you confirm, you’ll receive an email with a list of future workshops to attend along with an art supply list so you’ll be ready to paint!

Throughout the year, we’ll invite you to special art events and also provide a customized discount code for any of the many prerecorded or LIVE workshops open to the public.

Learn more from this Art4Healing video.

This MWC Art Club video gives you an idea of fun, casual and how powerful art can express your feelings from an attender who had NO prior art experience. Meaning, anyone can do this workshop. Try it. Fun and creativity is one of our healthy widowhood pillars; you’ll understand why after this workshop!

*We want to mention a special thank you to Art4Healing® for collaboration with us all the way from Laguna Hills, CA, the founder, Laurie Zagon has a special heart for widows, and we’re so grateful to provide this experience to you! Have fun!

If you are in need right now for art supplies to join a future workshop, apply for an Art Supply scholarship here. We want everyone to have access to this wonderful experience.

MWC is a supportive community with monthly meetings, the dinner club, the coffee club, the plays, performances, movies and musical events that were attended together as groups (large and small).
— MWC Wister® (Widow + Sister
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