Emotional & Mental Health for Widows

A Healthier and Whole You Honoring Our Body, Soul & Spirit

Windy Kerr

Finding Healing, Joy & A New You

When you give yourself time to heal, you begin to discover the new YOU. Truly focusing on our healing in all ways (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) is where we build the foundation of this new chapter of our lives. It is where we return to our hearts, embrace the core of who we are, reflect & recover from the storms where our loss resides, and gracefully accept the circumstances of our new life.

Healing doesn’t mean forgetting what was. Moving forward with a new sense of self and enjoying every moment you have is actually a good way to remember your loved one’s legacy and the love you once shared.

Remembering that they would want us to find joy in our new lives, and it honors them as well. The only thing standing in the way of becoming a happier and healthier new you is your realization that you deserve to be happy.

Some great questions to ask ourselves during the process of healing & moving forward are:

  • What do I feel grateful for in my life right now?
  • What do I know I am deserving of?
  • How can I channel my grief into something that brings me joy?
  • What would truly fulfill my sense of self?
  • What would inspire me and allow me to live fearlessly?

As we uncover the answers to questions like these, we give ourselves permission to release anything that limits us to grow, move forward, and LIVE FULLY!

We begin to create a new masterpiece with the broken pieces of our life – just like with mosaic art pieces, we are made of broken pieces that are put back together to make a new work of art! , We are becoming the best version of ourselves!

Then, once we have solidly stepped forward into the beautiful new version of ourselves that we’ve created, we can reflect back on our loss knowing that we did not allow it to defeat us. We can be thankful for all that we’ve persevered through with faith, courage, strength, determination, and love for ourselves. We are then able to share what we’ve learned from our grief and growth. We are able to help someone else going through those same stages we did, giving them hope to be able to live through the grief and shine their light bright again. This is where healing comes full circle and we become a new version of being whole.

Become deeply rooted in finding your light, inner peace, and that HAPPY PLACE within. Choose to rise up and become a HEALTHIER, WHOLE YOU with love and joy as our anchor. Know that your MWC community is here to support you every step of the way.

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Knowing there are women who have not only survived what I was going through, but were also thriving and moving forward in their lives.
— MSC Wister® (Widow + Sister)