Register to Attend our 2022 Widow Empowerment Event (WEE)

September 23–25 | Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Join us September 23 to 25 in Scottsdale, Arizona for our remarkable, one-of-a-kind event for widows and daughters of widows.

WEE 2022 for Widows

At WEE 2022 Scottsdale you’ll find HOPE as you spend time with an understanding community and our dynamic, powerful speakers. You’ll have opportunities to HEAL through education, resources, and activities that also give you the chance to GROW and find purpose. And you’ll learn more about how to LEAD in the future of widowhood.

Over the course of this extraordinary weekend you’ll connect with resilient role models in a safe, trusted community, and can expect to gain:

  • Friendship and inspiration from hundreds of wise women who are walking this path with you
  • Knowledge, leadership, education, and guidance to empower your important decisions
  • Confidence to journey from grief to growth
  • Honest and healthy conversations to help you discover joy again
  • Affirmations of areas of excelling and areas that need focus
  • Framework and resources to reconstruct your life with meaning, purpose, and strength
  • Hope for you and your family’s future
  • Peace of mind that you are not alone

Loss and grief in widowhood have a way of creating anxious emotions, insecurity, anger, uncertainty, and overwhelm, but loss is also an opportunity for us to face fears head-on, offering an unequivocally empowering experience to acknowledge and embrace our own strength, courage, and determination.

Our Widow Empowerment Event is where widows go to find exceptional friendships, understanding, support, and education as they begin rebuilding their life after loss.

WEE 2022 for Daughters

Daughters support their mothers in widowhood, and with the knowledge that 70% of married women will one day become widowed, the opportunity to educate and empower women at a young age will change the trajectory of widowhood for future generations.

At WEE 2022 Scottsdale, daughters will have a special session for socializing and connecting on Friday morning before the General Session, along with private space throughout the conference to find their tribe and build friendships. Daughters are encouraged to attend all General or Breakout Sessions of interest to them. Daughters must be 18 years or older to attend the conference.

Photos: Jenn Fortune Photography

Speakers and Exhibitors

Our dynamic lineup includes the speakers below. Additional speakers are being added regularly — please check back for updates!

Carolyn Moor

Founder, Modern Widows Club & TEDx Speaker

Dr. Marissa Magsino

Functional Medicine

Barbara Kenyon

Certified Life Coach at
Kenyon Coaching

Dr. Jean Miller

MWC Research Committee Chair

Miguel Montoya

Transformational Coach

Kashaun Parker

Certified Professional Coach at
Next Step Forward

Joelle Eckstein

The Rabbi’s Widow

Veronica Lynn Clark

Sex and Intimacy Coach

Marisela Marquez

Author and Podcaster Embracing Widowhood

Amitis Pourarian

7th Degree Black Belt

Jenn Batya Fortune

Messianic Minister

Durga Landry

MWC Wister

We are carefully selecting exhibitors who will provide resources and services designed just for you. Our Resource Hall will be open on Friday and Saturday for connecting with exhibitors.

Photos: Jenn Fortune Photography

Thank You to Our Event Sponsors

The strength of our social connections has a powerful positive impact on mental and physical health. This is particularly true during times of stress and loss. The Modern Widows Club provides a loving network of widows who understand what it means to lose a spouse and whose members serve as courageous role models who share their wisdom and who join one another in their journey to find new meaning, even in the face of suffering.
— Dr. Steven M. Southwick (1948-2022), Author Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges, WEE Speaker and Former MWC Advisory Council Member