Winston-Salem Community and Support Group for Widows

Communities are currently meeting virtually. Contact the Community Advocate for meeting location and details.

We are excited to serve widows from all walks and stages of life in our community of Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. We do have a special place in our widow hearts for widows with children at home, although our desire is to serve all widows regardless of stage of life. It is important to us as community advocates to encourage the reduction of mental-health/substance-use stigma after widowhood and to encourage widows to seek treatment, provide a safe, non-judgmental space, and an environment that creates the desire to thrive. Giving back is also a part of our values and we will plan to discuss how we can give back to our area as a community.

Meet Our Community Advocates

Jordan H. & Lauren B.

I met and married Michael and we soon become a family of 3. He always said he wanted to grow old and have a “Ruth and Roy type love”. They were our neighbors who had been married longer than most people live. On a Wednesday night after our son had Taekwondo testing, I become a widow at the age of 32 when my husband died of a massive heart attack; left to raise our 6 year old son. I made sure that I let myself grieve and stay down a bit, but also picked myself up, often with help from others. I am so grateful and proud to say I not only survived, but now I’m living. It is not easy, it’s intentional.

I married my husband after dating him for 7 years, and we were the best of friends. On our first night of vacation at the beach, he passed away while our 5-year old daughter slept in the next room. As I reached for his wrist and found no pulse, I screamed in fear. The fear that I was now young and alone. I never got that last I love you or that last kiss…he was just gone and I was left to tell my 5-year-old daughter when she woke up the next morning that her Daddy would not be coming back – ever.