Orange County Community and Support Group for Widows

Our Mission for Widows

We serve to empower widows to 
lean into life, build resilience and 
make a positive difference in society.

Modern Widows Club is designed to create a safe and private environment for widows to lean into life together through the journey.

We are the club no one wants to be in because you only get in by virtue of experiencing a great loss. Yet what I hope you find once you’re here is that you’re surrounded by a community of really amazing women that you can lean on and learn from. We’re widows helping widows to live– to go upward and onward. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh. We talk about how to tackle challenges without our husbands’ help and cheer each other on. We often share food as we do this, because who doesn’t like to eat?

When a woman loses her husband she tends to feel very alone. Regardless of her age or circumstances, she can use other women in her life who understand the unique challenges she is now faced with. She needs women who will build her up and encourage her in this new life she walks. We are stronger together. No woman is an island. We need each other.

Meet Our Community Advocate

Windy K.

On October 1, 2010; my Spouse, my only love, my best friend since Jr High…my other half, my lifeline had died; suddenly leaving me a widow. Falling to my knees from utter shock and disbelief; unable to describe the gut- wrenching emotions of heartbreak…hearing the words, “your husband has died”, literally took my breath away.  In an instant…I felt a hollowness in my heart and my life was turned upside down. What we had built our foundation and future on was no longer a reality and my life purpose, obsolete.

His untimely and tragic death would leave me to parent our son thru his adolescent years on into adulthood; alone without him by my side, as my partner and confidant. My son was twelve years old at the time of his Dad’s sudden death which was a result of a solo auto accident on his way home from work during the late hours of the night or early morning, rather.

Our Beautiful Founder of Modern Widow’s Club, Carolyn Moor shared her story of vulnerability, resilience and transformation at the Modern Widows Club, Widows Empowerment Event I attended August 2018. Carolyn learned to embrace her grief and live life with gratitude, faith and courage. And by doing so, it encouraged her to create a community of woman who graciously support, inspire, lift up and provide hope and peace to one another and who’ve found peace through their own personal journeys of grief, acceptance and the power of resilience.

Carolyn and the beautiful, heart-centered group of women at “MWC” have been my saving grace, a gift and a light in my life. I am truly grateful, honored and blessed to be part of this community, fortunate for the opportunity to lead a Community here in Orange County, CA which is scheduled to launch February 2019.