Birmingham Community and Support Group for Widows

Bonnie & Kimberly founded the MWC Community in 2017 to serve widows within their community after they found Carolyn Moor and Modern Widows Club on-line. With the continued growth of Modern Widows Club Bonnie now serves on our Wise Wisters Advisory Council and Kimberly continues to support the new leaders Mary & Jo. We are grateful for their leadership and willingness to lead within their community.

Every woman’s experience is different and uniquely hers so the Birmingham MWC Community was launched in 2017, to meet socially in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to listen, encourage, support and empower fellow widows of all ages in Birmingham and the surrounding cities. It is easier to go through this new way of ‘life” called widowhood with woman who understand and have “been there”. We can listen to others testimonies and challenges and realize we are not “crazy” after all it is just part of the grief journey. We need to be able to talk to women that empathize with us instead of sympathize. We do not need anybody’s sympathy that is not why we are here. We are here because we are compassionate for others and want to empower them to get out and “live life again”! Widowhood is an overwhelming journey and we are here to laugh, cry and hold your hand through it all.

Meet Our Community Advocates

Mary W.

My Husband and I did so many things together. We had been together for almost 41 years. We have one son, Sid. He has blessed us with four Grandchildren. Our oldest grandson is almost 20; our oldest grandson is 13; and our youngest granddaughter is almost six. All of them have been very active in school, sports, dance and gymnastics. Gene and I went to every ball game, dance recital, etc. that we possibly could. Sometimes, two grandchildren had a game/dance etc. at the same time, but we made all we could. We are avid football fans and went to many, many college football games, park ball and school ball, also. Then one day when we returned home from one of the games, my husband suffered a massive heart attack and was gone. My world was turned upside down. Suddenly, I was alone to go to their games, dance recitals, etc. My son has included me with all the family gatherings, etc. But, it still remains that my husband cannot attend any with me. I felt so lost and all alone. I knew I had family and friends who tried their best to comfort and include me, but even in a crowd I was alone. My days are filled with memories of all the good times and my precious family do everything they know to do.

I was invited by a friend to attend a Modern Widows Club meeting. I was very intrigued because I had not been exposed to being with a group of women who were in the same situation as me and could understand where I was coming from. My goal is to reach out to as many widows as possible and for the Birmingham Community of the Modern Widows Club to grow with widows and support them as much as we can. The MWC has been a great comfort to me and all of the members and especially our Founder, Carolyn Moor, Our Director and Our East and West Directors, and all of the Community Advocates have always been willing to serve widows in every way possible. I love all of my Wisters to the fullest.

Martha Jo S. (Jo)

Bio coming soon