How Modern Widows Club Advocates for Widows

WE PROMOTE MENTORING AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR WIDOWS to grow individually and to advocate within their local communities while also including national and international levels. Our timeline of success notes some of our milestones.


2021 Widow Empowerment Event

Our 4th Annual Widow Empowerment Event was held September 17–19, 2021, in Houston, Texas. More than 150 participants joined MWC, our extraordinary speakers, and our wonderful sponsors for an incredible, magical, and, yes, empowering weekend.

Compassion Helpline Info

Healthy Coping Skills handout

Friday, Sep 17 presentation from Dropbox
Saturday, Sep 18 presentation from Dropbox

How to Support and Comfort Someone Going Through Grief

A loss of a loved one is hard. In the same breath, another type of hard is supporting someone who has just lost a loved one as they go through the grieving process.

See Carolyn’s video

Understanding the Cycle of Grief and How Pain is a Part of Love

Carolyn joins Brad Formsma with The WOW Factor to discuss what it’s like to be a young widow and why she started the Modern Widows Club.

Listen to Carolyn’s compelling interview.

Revolutionizing Widowhood

Celebrating 10 Years of Impact with Modern Widows Club. A virtual presentation by MWC Founder Carolyn Moor


11 Communities Launched in 2020

2020 Leadership Conference

89 Virtual Attendees

International Expansion

MWC Board approves further international expansion to Jerusalem, Israel and Guanacaste, Costa Rica

2020 Widow Empowerment Event

455 Virtual Attendees

International Event

MWC was featured in Loomba Foundation’s International Widows Day 2020 Webinar

1st Strategic Planning Session

11 Attendees


2 Communities Launched in 2019

2019 Leadership Conference

55 Attendees

$1 Million for Widows

Goal reached to raise $1 Million for Widows


3 Communities Launched in 2018

2018 Widow Empowerment Event

125 Attendees


4 Communities Launched in 2017

2017 Leadership Conference

32 Attendees

1st Widow Empowerment Event

110 Attendees

Co-authored International Study

Helping Repartnered Widows Navigate Romance and Finance: The Role of Financial Advice.” This paper reports the findings from an international study designed to assess the financial satisfaction and life well-being of re-partnered widows (those who are now remarried or in a long-term relationship).

Co-authored United States Study

Widows’ Voices: The Value of Financial Planning.” In this article, findings from a study designed to evaluate the perceptions of widows in relation to financial advice are reported.


2016 Leadership Conference

23 Attendees

7 Communities Launched in 2016


1 Community Launched in 2015

2015 Leadership Conference

14 Attendees

WSJ Interview

Interviewed for The Wall Street Journal article, “Resilience Can Be Learned: How a widow traced a long path back toward optimism

Represent the United States at the United Nations

MWC Founder represented the U.S. by speaking at the U.N.’s launch of the “World Widows Report”


3 Communities Launched in 2014

1st Leadership Conference

7 Attendees

MWC receives 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status


3 Communities Launched in 2013


2 Communities Launched in 2011

Modern Widows Club Established


Promise to Oprah

Carolyn appears on the Oprah Show and promises Oprah to help “Empower Widows to Thrive”


Carolyn Loses Her Husband