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September 17–19 | Houston, TX

It’s Not Just Me, It’s WE

Our 2021 Widow Empowerment Event (WEE) is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing event for widows and fatherless daughters.

#WEE2021 inspires both to lean into life by finding HOPE from an understanding community and our powerful speakers, gain opportunities to HEAL through education, resources and activities that also give them the chance to GROW, and learn more about how to LEAD in the future of widowhood.

Loss and grief have a way of creating anxious emotions, insecurity, anger, uncertainty and an unworthy feeling, but the truth is loss is an opportunity for widows to face fears head-on, offering an unequivocally empowering experience in finding strength, resilience, wisdom and confidence. 

Our event is both audacious and necessary, a bridge from feeling as if you are simply surviving to a place of understanding and learning from other widows who have come through their loss and have found a pathway forward to thrive. 

This weekend will gift you:

  • Resilient role models in a trusted community
  • Knowledge, leadership, education and guidance to empower your important decisions
  • Framework and resources to rebuild your life with meaning, purpose, hope, and strength
  • Inspiration from hundreds of wise women
  • Affirmations of areas of excelling and areas that need focus
  • Confidence to journey from grief to growth
  • Honest and healthy conversations to discover joy again
  • Peace of mind that you are not alone
  • Hope for you and your family’s future

Our Widow Empowerment Event is where widows go to start rebuilding their life after loss, and where fatherless daughters find the support and community that is inspiring a new generation of empowered women. 

Events such as our annual Widow Empowerment Event provide the critical ability to promote mentoring and opportunities for individual growth and advocacy within your local community, while also providing a forum for Modern Widows Club to highlight important national and international issues. Our joint community of global supporters and partners work to improve widowed persons’ lives worldwide.

Photos: Jenn Fortune Photography

Speakers and Exhibitors

Twenty-two dynamic speakers will be joining us, including those shown below. Additional speakers are being added regularly — please check back for updates!

Main Stage Speakers

Carolyn Moor

Emotional & Mental Health

Dr. Marissa Magsino

Physical Health

Tara Gidus Collingwood

Physical Health

Roseline Orwa

Purpose & Meaning

Widow Empowerment Event 2021 Breakout Session Speaker Mattie S.

Mattie Selecman

Fun & Creative Health

Widow Empowerment Event 2021 Breakout Session Speaker Dr Linda M.

Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe

Fun & Creative Health

Breakout Session Speakers

Cindy Toledo

Purpose & Meaning

Maggie Gomez

Financial Health

Widow Empowerment Event 2021 Breakout Session Speaker Cyndi W.

Cyndi Williams, LCSW

Emotional & Mental Health

Erin Jones

Relational Health

Mollie Lacher

Financial Health

Natalie Lancaster McCaskill

Purpose & Meaning

We are carefully selecting exhibitors who will provide resources and services designed just for you. Our Resource Hall will be open on Friday and Saturday for connecting with exhibitors.

Photos: Jenn Fortune Photography

Thank You to Our Event Sponsors

The strength of our social connections has a powerful positive impact on mental and physical health. This is particularly true during times of stress and loss. The MWC provides a loving network of widows who understand what it means to lose a spouse and whose members serve as courageous role models who share their wisdom and who join one another in their journey to find new meaning, even in the face of suffering.
— Dr. Steven Southwick, Author Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges, WEE Speaker and MWC Advisory Board Member